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River view in early morning with fishing boat in silhouette.

{use all your} powers for good

romans 12:21 | galatians 6:10

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river girl roots

art, like the river, speaks

when you are open and listening.

I became a river girl at age nine when my family bought a cabin on the Catawba. It still speaks to me in a way other places don’t - and allows for kids of all ages to play and explore and create joy. 


My playtime included lots of ‘art projects’ which, over the years, morphed to graphic design because in the nonprofit world where I spent my career, you often become a jack-of-all-trades out of necessity in a budget-constrained reality. My career-long job description required a ‘be prepared’ mantra with a plan always at-the-ready… and not just one plan, but I often felt uneasy without a backup plan for the backup plan.


Now, after retiring from that long and satisfying career, God nudged me with, “Enough planning already - you should play more - watercolor is the thing for you!”

That notion has since become an intention. And if you know anything at all about watercolor (I didn’t) then you know this will be an amusing ride. River Girl Artworks is the compendium of my journey to Plan Less, Play More and be where my feet are - present in the present. My prayer is that it will inspire you in some small way to pursue whatever creative interest calls your name!

IRL translation: 

Retired Type A Virgo embraces mindfulness and spiritual intention through watercolor; God winks. 😉

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